My Latest Adoptee, Coco (Pg. 2)
Manufactured by (God, of course!!!)
Last updated 01-05-18

Photographs of...cummon, you've GOT to know this one by now...take a whack at it anyway...

If you guessed Nikki, ¡¡¡UN ZOMBI DEJANDO UNA CACA EN UN TAZÓN DE HIGIÉNICO, NOOOOO!!! It's Coco this time!!!

Page 1 was getting too big for its britches, so I started this one.

Coco has discovered the clothes basket.

Coco has found that the grass catcher on the lawn mower makes a nice comfy bed.

This is Coco at my feet on the evening of 05-07-16.
As you can see, he's getting to be a, "Big Kat®".

This is Coco lying down in the cat tree.
As you can see again, he's really getting to be a, "Big Kat®".

This shows Coco crashed out on the couch.
It looks as though he was standing,. but I simply rotated the pic 45° counterclockwise to give that illusion.

These are the last two pics that I took of my sweet, dear little baby boy before he went bye-bye in the car.

These two pics show Coco crashed out on my bed.
Pics were taken on the afternoon of 04-17-17.

I found another pic of my special (not-so-) little guy in my camera on the morning of 03-24-17.

Video on YourTube showing how Coco climbs onto me while I'm in bed and starts kneading. He does this with extended claws, so it does hurt a bit -- but since it is a definite sign of affection, I allow this to occur until it becomes too painful.

That sound that you hear in the background is an episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines playing on the 'bube toob'.

This video is 531.9800987442680 megabytes (532,118,968 bytes) in length; dial-up users please be aware.
It will take no less than two thousand six hundred sixty minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.

UPDATE: 08-20-15
I've been calling Coco, "Tokomon" as of late -- this would appear to now be his nickname.
Tokomon is a Digimon; an artificial life form from the TV series, "Digimon: Digital Monsters"

UPDATE: 10-31-15
Whenever Coco disappears for awhile, I "hear" this little jingle:

♪ O where, o where ♪
♪ Has my Coco cat gone♪ ?
♪ O where o where could he be♪ ?
♪ With his long brown fur ♪
♪ And his big fluffy tail. ♪
♪ O where o where could he be♪ ?

UPDATE: 11-08-15
I've been singing this little ditty to my precious little baby as of late:

♪ Coco Coco Coco ♪
♪ Your tail's so big & pretty. ♪
♪ Coco Coco Coco ♪
♪ You're such a handsome kitty! ♪

UPDATE: 11-19-15
I've been telling Coco as of late (yes, I do talk to my cats!):

"Coco, I'm so glad that you adopted me."


"Coco, thank you for adoping me!"

UPDATE: 01-02-17
I've unofficially renamed Coco to Neelix -- named after the Talaxian cook on Voyager who goes by the same name. I decided upon Neelix because he has these adorable tufts of hair coming out of the sides of his face just like the Voyager actor has.

UPDATE: 02-28-17
I gave my precious little boy to a couple (family friends) so that he could live in a one-cat family and be happier. He was always getting into fights with the other cats here and didn't seem that happy overall.
Since I no longer have the loveable little fuzzbomb, the, "" icon will be immediately appended to his listings on this website to denote the fact that I no longer have him.
But in the end, he'll be better off.

UPDATE: 04-07-17
My dear sweet baby boy may be COMING BACK HOME SOON!!!

UPDATE: 04-19-17
My adorable loveable "little" fuzzbomb IS BACK HOME!!!

UPDATE: 01-04-18
I got my first Coco kisses today!!!
Coco always displays his love for me by headbutting, but this is the first time that he's deliberately kissed me!!!


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