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Happy 18th Birthday The LED (and Laser) Museum! (Yes, this website has been online continuously for more than 18 years!!!)



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Misc. Links, LED Museum, Batting Cleanup

Personal & Memorial Web Pages, Viva Piñata, SpongeBob SquarePants, Digimon, Star Trek, Beavis & Butt-Head, and Sesame Street Products plus Gay Pride Products and Video Game Consoles

Non-LED Misc. Web Pages & Websites that I've Created since 1999

= New addition to website.

Updated = Updated product or web page.

Informational web page only = Informational (non-rated) web page.

= Spectrometer has been used.

= Spectral line halfwidth; analysis (for lasers)

= ProMetric has been used.

= Battery runtime graph posted.

= Laser power stability analysis performed.

= Laser power output analysis has been performed.

  = Updated photograph(s).

= Movie of product available.

   = Movie of product available; but hosted on YourTube.

Ten videos on YouTube   = 10 movies of product available; but hosted on YourTube.

= Sound of product available.

Foul & discordant sounds!!!   = Foul discordant sound that you DON'T want to hear!!!

= Rated PG because of a bit of toliet tongue is audible in one or more of the videos.

    = No longer have sample.

*   = As above, but conditional: please see the evaluation the link points to.

    = Lost/left behind in a move I made on 10-11-04.

*   = As above, but conditional: please see the evaluation the link points to.

    = Lost/left behind in a move I made on 05-26-06.

*   = As above, but conditional: please see the evaluation
          the link points to.

    = Lost/disposed of/left behind in a move I made on 07-26-08.

*   = As above, but conditional: please see the evaluation the link points to.

    = Out for loan.

    = Manufacturer no longer makes product.

Product not broken but could not be tested    = Product not broken but unable to test.

    = Failed or was destroyed during or
           after testing. Just call me "The Flashlight Destructor".

   = Product has *PARTIALLY* failed.

  = Destroyed during or after testing, but I have another.

    = Lost (flying machines only) during or after testing.

    = Forced disposal 10-18-08.

*   = As above; please see evaluation.

    = Forced disposal 10-18-08, but staying in family.

    = Forced disposal >01-01-10

    = Lost due to storage unit auction on 01-10-17.

    = Product was DOA (dead on arrival) and could not be tested.

    = One or more components broken or lost, but product still has full functionality.

    = One or more components broken or lost; product lost some functionality.

(PA) = Passaround (that I still have).

(PA*)= Passaround (that I still have),
but with stipulations.

= Gift - no abusive testing.

Requires spectrographic analysis = Requires spectrographic analysis.

  = Packed for a move I made on 07-28-08.

  = Requires beam cross-sectional analysis.

  = Raw data from my spectrometer.

  = Destructive testing has been done.

  = Disposable product

  = Stolen from me.

*  NOT an ElektroLumens product.

**      Actually a "spectroscope", NOT a "spectrometer".

° = "Uranated" - infused with an anion oxide of uranium, *NOT* piddled on.
Commonly referred to as "Vaseline glass" because it has a distinct pale yellow-green color when not being irradiated.

Note spelling: "urAnated", not "urEnated","urInated", "urOnated", "urUnated", or sometimes "urYnated".


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