Foto(s) del Día
{Picture(s) of the Day}

This web page is not necessarily updated ***DAILY***, but frequently.
Images shown here will almost always have a horizontal width of 800 pixels. They will not necessarily be of plants, Star Trek, Garbage Pale Kids & Bathroom Buddies cards, or kitty cats; though they will be a
repeating central theme (O NOOO! There I go thinking about the metal band "Anthrax" again!!! )

You may also see screen dumps (yes, that's what they're really called!) from demo programs ("demos") that I wrote on/for the Commodore 64 computer in the early- and mid-1990s.

Last updated: 02-19-18

(From The Simpsons episode, "Brother's Little Helper") When I can't stop fiddling I just takes me Ritalin I'm popping and sailing, man - [Toots Twice]

Do you manufacture or sell an LED flashlight, task light, utility light, or module of some kind? Want to see it tested by a real person, under real working conditions? Do you then want to see how your light did? If you have a sample available for this type of real-world, real-time testing, please contact me at

Please visit this web page for contact information.

Unsolicited flashlights, LEDs, small-frame lasers, and other products appearing in the mail are welcome, and it will automatically be assumed that you sent it in order to have it tested and evaluated for this site.
Be sure to include contact info or your company website's URL so visitors here will know where to purchase your product.

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